Widgets make it easier for the user to give an extended look to his smartphone. Clock, music player, calendar and other similar services are called the widgets and their presence largely depends on the smartphone OEM that you choose for your device. Apart from default phone widgets, the custom built widget apps from third party are also very common among the customers.

Widget Apps for Android

Most of the widgets can be downloaded inside the Google Play Store. If you are looking for one of the best widgets available in the market and download them into your phone, you have visited the best article.

Here are the top 5 widget apps for android phones:

HD Widgets:

These are one of the best widgets available in the market and provide a great look to your homescreen to say the least. They comprise of toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth and others. There are some other toggles that exist and they call for excellence.

You have to spend only a meager sum of 2 dollars in order to purchase the app and once you have purchased the app, you are studded with full feature widgets that elevate the prominence of the smartphone. The decoration of the smartphone’s homescreen is one of the major advantages of using HD Widgets.

Power Toggles:

Toggle widgets available in the Google Store are in abundance. However, the illumination the Power toggles offer to the smartphone user is incomparable. There are more than 40 options for toggling and they can be used in the daily life. Power toggles are one of the best widgets for smartphone users.

Battery HD:

Battery HD does not only tell you about the remaining time of battery power but it also awares the user of the percentage of battery spent in various works. It helps the user to know about the apps or games that are consuming battery the most. Battery HD is one of the best widget apps for android phone.

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Evernote Widget:

The Evernote Widgets makes your business life easy. You can access them at the comfort of your homescreen and you simply don’t need to navigate anywhere else while going through these widgets. Not only this, it enables the user to look for notes or notebooks that had been saved with the app earlier on.

Days Left Widget:

It is very important for us to remember the dates for marriage anniversary or birthdays. Such auspicious days can be remembered and reminded upon with the “days left” widget. It enables the user to simply set the date and little info about the day. Once you have entered both the info, the widget counts the number of days and keeps you updated about the days left in the auspicious event. In this way, the user can keep a track of the important events in his life.