Inbox is a new email client application for accessing your Gmail account. This app is available for both Android devices on Google Play and Apple devices at the App Store. After you’ve activated it, you can also use Inbox from your desktop or laptop browser. What this app does is simply presents you email from Gmail in a completely different way; with added innovative features for better management.

Currently, the app requires an invite and you have to send an email to to receive an invite. A large number of invites have already been distributed as the Play Store already shows more than 1 million installations. Once you get the invite– you can install it in your phone, login with an already present Google account and you’re done. The same account can now be used to access

What is Innovative or Different about Inbox?

Well, the layout is completely different. It looks nothing like the official Gmail app. With features like bundling and highlighting, the app screen uses a different layout than what we are used to.

Here are a few highlights that make Inbox by Gmail different from other email applications:

Bundling of Email: This new implementation takes the “Inbox Tabs” feature present in Gmail to a completely new level. Your emails are grouped in bundles that are named Promos, Updates, and Social etc. You can also create a custom bundle for message grouping. This allows you to view similar messages at once.

Reminders and Snoozing: Inbox allows you to set reminders just like those you’d set in a task management tool. Reminders can be used to jot down important details so that you don’t miss something. Snoozing is a feature to pause those reminders and emails. You can halt an email for a particular period of time and it will disappear from the main view. After the time is reached, your snoozed emails appear on top.

Highlights: When you open your email, you are already shown important bits of what the individual messages contain. These are called highlights. For example: The welcome email contains a video introduction and the link to that introduction is shown in the main view.

Increase Efficiency: Overall, with the features mentioned above and with some added features like searching and swiping, you can increase the speed at the rate of which you process messages. For example: Swipe a message towards the left to snooze it and towards the right to mark it as done. Marking a message as done is equivalent to Gmail’s archive feature. You can also pin messages so as to view them separately.

Final Words

Inbox presents a new way to check your email messages. Whether it is in your phone or your computer, it works well. What we are seeing till now are just introductory features with many more to come. Currently, it can only check your Gmail accounts. But there’s no saying whether the app features could extend to other email providers as well. Overall, Inbox provides a productive way to handle email messages.