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Today we are more used to consuming media in our tablets in a much more constant than it did few years back, but with the improvement in systems for stability and speed we can get into problems of which we do not realize, is that with every system update certain feature are improved but others are damaged, that is the case of Android seems to have left out the great video playback performance to evolve to Android 4.4.

Video playback in Android 4.4 has lowered its quality of being something completely efficient at 4.3, has fallen to a point where dumped frames, support a certain range of frames per second and the deviation of the screen when playing video. Before the company stopped testing to see Android 4.3 generates a much better experience than we can get in 4.4. The tests are computer generated with Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013), both in two phases, the first with Jelly Bean and the second in Kitkat.

The results showed details that have caught the attention of more than one, with a frame rate of 60fps at 720p compatible Jelly Bean none efficiently supported in 4.4. In addition to the performance of the Nexus July 2012 has gone much better than expected against 2013. These details do not always see the most recent being just the best.

Words banned Android 4.4 KitKat

We’ve heard that with Apple there are certain words and content that cannot be written or search because they are banned. But such actions are not expected in Android. All this could change with KitKat. Though Could restrict viewing certain content for minors and search with certain words from before, now it will be more visible to all users not being able to write some words of sexual kind. This could be understood but there are words we use in technological jargon that have nothing wrong and you will be banned.

Among the list of banned words 165,000 in English and they are universally used in many countries, some have health related origin, others like Geek, has no negative connotation. You cannot write or say words referring to the stimulation of private parties. Incredibly even the relevance to the work of feeding naturally by the mother is welcome.

Apparently neither are the words referring to the name of women’s clothing inside usage and related names of the female anatomy or hygiene products for women.

It is totally ridiculous to some brands cannot write as AMD and Garmin. So if you suffer from these uncomfortable thing when you have version 4.4 it is better option to disable the keyboard dictionary.