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Now that the final version of Windows 8.1 is among us, and having updated several computers, it is time a guide to let you know the update process. So you can see how simple it is, yet decrease the uncertainty that these processes we produce.

Now that is Windows 8.1 available for all users, and have made several updates at home, it’s time to discuss how this process is done, so that you will be guided. The process is very simple; to make it convenient we will divide into steps.

Please remember that if you have installed Windows 8.1 Preview you will have to install all desktop and Modern UI again. The process is the same, only I notice that applications will be erased and you just have to accept appear.

Windows 8.1

Step 1: Take the team to the last

The first thing we have to do, and we want to update every computer is checked in Windows Update. We check that your computer has installed all security patches and operating Microsoft. To do this, the most common way is go to control panel, looking Windows Update, and give you a check for updates. At the end we have to find a screen such that well.

Step 2: Find the upgrade to Windows 8.1

As was the case with Windows 8.1 Preview, the update fails through Windows Update as it used to be customary with other Windows Service Pack and Windows 7 or Windows XP. Now the update comes through the Windows Store.

So, what we will do is go to the Windows Store (the Windows app store) and waited a bit. Upgrading should appear first choice, but if we see that is not listed, do not despair, you can search it.

Therefore, if you are gaining the update appears, and you are sure that you have the computer updated with Windows Update; you can do the following to force the update. Open Internet Explorer on Windows and write ms-windows-store: Windows Upgrade as an address (I recommend the copy/paste). Press Enter and see that you automatically open the Windows Store and present the update.

Click on download and begin the process of renovation. The size I’ve seen so far has been about 2.81 GB update for Windows 8.1 Preview of 3.2 GB update for Windows 8, and a 2.6 GB update for Windows 8 Pro Media Center. So, get an idea of the time you are going to take, as well as downloading, then updating is itself.

Step 3: Update process

As part of the download and update process is done, you can continue working with your computer. Like perceive it slightly slower, but not surprising, especially when applying changes.

The steps you see on the Store process are: downloading, updating preparing, applying changes, compiling information, preparing the restart.

I commented all the steps, because I was unable to read any comments from any reader who has had problems with the update, so you can identify what step the error can give and thus analyze potential problems.

Step 4: Restart

After finishing the above steps, proceed to reboot. I was unable to take screenshots, but since I commented that it is a long process because:

  • Applies the new configuration for Windows 8.1
  • Devices using drivers are reset, so it is not surprising that you see several restarts.
  • And even indicate that you configure most things but they say they are.

In summary, this process is long but does not require intervention from us, until we see them on screen accepting the terms of Microsoft. From then continue with step similar to that used for Windows 8 wizard.

Step 5: Setup Wizard

In the wizard you will be asked the password for our account of Microsoft, validate by a code that can be sent to mobile or other account (so your computer will become trusted), configure security settings and synchronization, and finally, we can confirm the use of SkyDrive or disable it.

You at this point, you will see a screen that will change color and it will take when installing applications that come standard with Windows 8.1 as mail, contacts, Skype, Time, etc… addition of new applications and health recipes. When finished at last you will enter the new start menu.

Step 6: Final configurations

At this point, much started testing, see the latest news and begin to enjoy the new OS. But I recommend you first check for updates on the Windows Store, as all Bing applications such as Mail, Weather, Recipes, Health, etc have just received an update while Windows 8.1 came out.

You’ll go to the store and do not see updates, remember that you can force the search in the store, so you can have the latest version of these applications.

Now, it’s time to enjoy our operating system renewed, and do not forget to pass for these articles to learn how to set up the start menu, and to take full advantage of all the new features included.