Internet become an essential tool and a part of our lives. We do rely on internet so as to post/share or send/receive mails and messages, shopping, surfing information and many more tasks which can be only done easily through internet. But do you know that all these activities are affecting your privacy. No! But how these affect the privacy? We will here tell you about how to keep your data private online.

Keep Your Data Private Online

Let me tell you that your online privacy totally depends on you. It depends on your ability that how much you are capable of controlling the amount of information you are providing and further ensuring that who can access the information. It is really unfortunate that despite knowing the fact of spamming and hacking, few people are too casual and careless about managing their personal information. This is being the main reason that people are highly vulnerable to identity theft, whether from illegitimate or legitimate sources.

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Because of these online private information thefts, your personal information including your contact number, email address as well as the social security number including other identifiable info is really worth a lot of attention and money. Here we are to help you with some simple 5 tips to keep your data private online.

1. Always try to be attentive and careful while you share or post anything online. Don’t share anything with any one person if you don’t want to share that info publicly.

2. Try to avoid sharing your information while connecting on a public Wi-Fi and don’t share your info just like freely with anyone.

3. Always try to use private browsing mode while you surfing the internet or you can just turn off the browser cookies.

4. Avoid replying to the spam messages or emails from unknown people. Try to connect with your friends and people you know in real.

5. Always make sure that all your devices are protected as well as your social media settings with comprehensive security.

With all the recently happened issues of online theft and over sharing, you must have to step back now. It will be really beneficial to all the online users. We would like to share some other tips you can follow so as to keep your data private online.

1. Always be careful and beware of the scammers. Scammers are the real people who try to steal your personal information and further misuse them against you.

2. Always try to dispose off your personal information securely by document shredding or electronics recycling. These will help you to dispose of the sensitive data, records, information and documents securely.

3. Always make ensure to use a secure browser and look for web address “https” where s is for secure. Try to avoid using public networks.

4. Always try to keep your passwords private and they must be at least of 6 characters including numbers, alphabets & special characters. Avoid using any personal information or any random dictionary words.

5. Try to avoid sharing over social media sites and if you still share then do ensure that you have a good amount of privacy settings as well.

Is your online private data secured? Do you share your personal information frequently without giving a thought? Please share your experiences if you ever caught in the web of online info theft.