Technology particularly smartphones have invaded family life, with kids getting their own smartphones at younger ages. Even the very youngest member of the family today has their own phones. The tendency to get glued to screens increase among youngsters when they get the latest smartphones.

Mobile Phones by Youngsters

Though it is not possible to keep the kids or teenagers away from smartphones, parents need to keep a check on the usage of these devices. Yes, with kids and youngsters spending more time with technology including smartphones, it is important for the parents to know how much time youngsters spend  on mobile phones, what they use them for and so on.

Read on to know different ways to keep a check on the use of mobile phones by kids and youngsters. Here are a few top tips.

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Set Rules:

When parents decide to allow kids/youngsters to have their own phone, the first thing they should do is set rules about how, when and for how long the phone can be used. Parents should make it clear whether their children can lend their phone to friends or borrow from them or not and whether they can access Internet with the phone or not and so on.

Limit Mobile Phone Use Time:

While pediatricians recommend keeping kids under the age of two totally away from the screens of iPads, smartphones and even television, it is highly important to limit the time for youngsters. Allow them not more than 30 minutes to spend time on apps or games each day as studies have shown that too much time spent on mobile phones, iPads or television can affect sleep, decrease attention span and reduce physical activities.

Know What They Use the Mobile for:

With owning the mobile phone also comes the power to send and receive messages, share status and location as well as download just about anything.  Teach your children to use the phone responsibly as it is likely that youngsters and kids may misuse mobile phones. They may receive inappropriate images and messages or subject to harassment by strangers over the phone. Monitor the mobile phone use regularly to keep them safe from the disastrous effects of mobile phone use.

Make Use of Parental Controls:

Almost all mobile phone service providers offer free parental control services to filter content, restrict access, block the purchase of online games and so on. Make sure Parent Controls are enabled to keep the kids safe.

Punish for Violating Mobile Phone Usage Rules:

Take the mobile phone away as a disciplinary action if youngsters violate mobile phone usage rules set by you. Do not be reluctant to take away the mobile phone from your kids, if they don’t follow the rules set by you and use the phone inappropriately. Snatching away the phone for misuse is probably the best way to make youngsters a responsible mobile phone user.