If you are looking for an alternative to Swype Keyboard for Android, then look no further. We have found a keyboard that has its features and much more. Ai.type keyboard is a paid app that offers a long list of features along with options that make you feel that you have complete control. You get to try the trial version for 14 days before you decide to buy it or move on to some other app.

Swype Keyboard revolutionized the way we type in touch screen phones. This virtual keyboard allowed us to slide our fingers across characters on an on-screen keyboard to bring out the desired words. It used a blend of artificial intelligence and an algorithm that allowed users to type correctly most of the time.

Swype keyboard costs only $0.99 at the Play Store. This keyboard was also the reason for the development of other keyboards with the same functionality. While it is a known fact that Swiftkey Keyboard or Google Keyboard are the next best things to Swype, know that there exists other alternatives.

One of those alternatives is a free keyboard called “ai.type Keyboard Free” available at the Play Store. This keyboard replacement app allows faster typing by swiping and gives you other features such as word dictations to narrate and type, changeable dimensions to make sure that you get enough working area and a prediction mechanism which tries to guess the next word you are going to type.

There are also several other features that are more common in PCs like cut/copy and paste, undo/redo, home/end keys, arrow or cursor keys and the select all option. If you miss these functions or keys, you will love this app. This keyboard supports more than 70 languages and text input methods. You also get text prediction, and the option to switch between AZERTY/QWERTY and other international input methods.

This app is not entirely free as it provides us with a trial phase of 14 days. After that the unique features that it provides will be disabled and it will convert to a normal keyboard. All the interesting features like text swiping, next word prediction, auto correction and changing of keyboard size are disabled. But you still get to keep those cursor keys and Emojis. After this, you get the option to unlock all the features with ai.type Keyboard Plus for a price that is currently marked at $4.36.

Try this keyboard, if you like it go for it and if you don’t want to spend money on it, you can try Swiftkey Keyboard with Emojis.