The sloth-like speed of a PC can not only annoy the user but it can also evade him from doing wonders on his computer. It is very important for the system to work faster in order to accomplish all the necessary tasks at a quick scale of time. The world has evolved and so has the technology. There is no margin for complacency and lazy computer in this tech ridden environment where competition rakes up in an eye flash.

Speed up Your PC

The speed of the computer also affects your internet performance. The better your computer speed is, the better are the surfing results on the internet. They are directly proportional to each other. Knowing the importance of computer speed, it becomes important to solve this purpose. We are stating five important steps needed to speed up your PC without any hassle. Here are they:

Boost your Startup::

Sometimes, the computers face slow working problem because of the programs that turn up during its startup and not because of it being generally slow. Downloading softwares like Autoruns can improve the condition by a fair margin. There are times when the startup programs are turned on unwillingly and that is the time when the user needs to step up and clear them up. This is an important step when it comes to speed up your PC.

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Clear the Content:

Sometimes, surfing caters to various problems for the user by being unbearably slow. In such cases, the time has arrived to make minor changes to the computer. Google Chrome serves as one of the best web browsers in the market and you should download it on the first instant (if you do not have one). Secondly, in the browser you need to visit the “Clear Browsing Data” option and check boxes including internet files like cookies, download history and browse history

Slimming Down:

Slimming down does not just concern the un-installation of unnecessary programs but it is also about computing the amount of power these programs consume. For example, if Windows media player is consuming more power, you can replace it with VLC and so on. Hence, the power consuming programs should be eliminated from the system as mainly they are responsible for the slowing down of PC.

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Automating the Updates:

Getting reminded about updates can be an annoying resort. For solving this purpose, you can go to My computer>Properties>Automatic Updates. By setting the same, you can put the automatic update feature on. It is one of the most important aspect when it comes to speed up your PC.

Get Upgrades:

The gamers shall invest 150 USD in buying a new graphics card. In the same way, upgrades in every aspect of computer are necessary. The best way to speed up the computer is to add more RAM to it. 4 GB of RAM can be bought at the price of 50 USD, which is a bargain buy. It is one of the most important ways to speed up your PC.