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Sony Xperia Z3 is making a huge buzz in the market and this hype is taken by the experts to be setting up the mood for its release. The release date of this anticipated phone has been assigned to be somewhere in August 2014. Sony had been hinting out about the release of Xperia Z3 but nothing was confirmed so far. However, at MCW 2014 Sony made it clear that the company will release the phone within six months following the release of Xperia Z2.

Sony Xperia is a strong brand name in the market and carries great credibility. The Japanese phone maker has capitalized on the popularity of the brand and launched Xperia Z3. Sony Xperia Z2 is relatively new in the market and already discussing the release of Z3 is a little harsh on the Z2’s end. The news of the release date of Z3 is spreading like fire in the industry and there is no stopping to it. The fans are mounting high expectations and anxiously waiting for the release of the gadget.

Sony Xperia Z3

Many experts have started speculating about the expectations that fans should have from this phone. It is very clear that the new smartphone by Japanese phone maker will possess better features than Xperia Z2. The competition among the smartphones in the same range is going to be fiercer with the inclusion of Xperia Z3 in the market. Sony has already confirmed that the new device will have a unique design and it would not resemble the design of Z2. This design has been referred by the officials of Sony as “Omni- design”.

Excitement for the release of Xperia Z3:

Since the announcement of the release date of Xperia Z3, people are getting eager in order to have the first look on the phone. The excitement among fans is over the top and it can be felt over social media too. The bloggers and writers are not getting far behind in collecting the specifications of the phone that they receive from leaked reports. With such an excitement, it is very clear that Sony Xperia Z3 is one of the most anticipated phones to be released this year.

What to Expect from Sony Xperia Z3:

Some of the features and specs of Z3 have been leaked and we have jotted down the same below:

  • Unique design: The new Sony Xperia Z3 is supposed to have a unique design and it is termed by the experts as “omni-design”.
  • Camera: The camera of Sony Xperia Z3 will possibly break all the existing records and will flaunt 25 MP camera.
  • Operating system: It will operate on Android 5 version, which is not yet launched.
  • RAM: It will work on 4GB of RAM, which is phenomenal.
  • Processor: Sony Xperia Z3 will work with Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz. It will provide apt speed to the phone.

The specs that have been leaked look promising and it is good to have heavy expectations from the phone. However, we really hope that Sony Xperia Z3 will not hop down in the burden of such huge expectations.