Have you always wondered whether there was a simple way you could share your thoughts visually? Have you always been searching for a tool which allowed you to draw and write on pictures, just to pin point what you are saying? Well, there is an app for that. It is called Skitch and it’s by the creators behind the famous note taking tool— Evernote.

When sharing pictures with others, you sometimes have the need to pin point something. You want to show a specific part of the picture and you have trouble explaining it with words. Sometimes you need to add text to the picture or annotate some photos. These needs are fulfilled by this popular productivity app called Skitch.

Download Skitch for: Android – iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Skitch allows you to add visual mark ups to photos as well as maps. You can either take a photo from the camera within the app or you can open up an existing picture. You can use the map feature to search a place or get your current location. After placing the desired area of the map on the screen, you’ll be able to add texts to it or point to a location. This is useful if you’re trying to show a place to your friend or acquaintance. Skitch integrates Google Maps perfectly, so you’ll have no trouble finding places.

After selecting or clicking a picture, or after capturing a map; the next thing you do is add visual annotations. The drawing tools have different options when it comes to colors, weight and undoing actions.

There are several types of visual annotations available:

  • Free Draw: This one allows you to move your fingers across the screen and draw as you go. It is great for making quick drawings.
  • Text: Add some easily readable text or annotations.
  • Censor: It allows you to hide a particular part of the picture by smudging it. Works perfectly if you’re trying to hide faces.
  • Stamp: Add a variety of pre-defined graphics. Add resizable checkmarks and other signs with just a click.
  • Shapes: Draw a line, rectangle or rounded rectangle on your picture.
  • Arrow: Use this tool to pin point a specific region of maps.

Here’s an example created using Skitch. The map feature is used along with some drawing and text tools.

After modifying a picture, you can easily share with the available sharing options. Save it in Evernote or share it via messaging apps like Viber and Whatsapp. It’s all about drawing your thoughts visually and sharing to the ones that matter.