Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is available in the market from a quite long time now and one thing which is most important to note is that this device is performing exceptionally good especially for the book readers. Before its launch, it was being targeted to various tasks such as reading and this device is still being the most popular among the young generation. Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is packed with amazing features such as LCD display of 8.9 inches along with pixel density of 254ppi. It does feature in-built storage in two variants i.e. 16GB and 32GB. Furthermore, it is packed with 1.5GHz cortex A9 processor along with rear camera of 1.3 megapixels. Users owning Kindle Fire HD 8.9 are looking out for rooting their device. So, here we are with an easy as well as understandable tutorial about how to root Kindle Fire HD 8.9 via PC, Mac or Laptop.

Root Kindle fire HD 8.9


While rooting any device, users need to go through some warnings thoroughly before giving an attempt to the process of rooting and here we are with some warnings which needed to be follow before attempting to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9.
• The process of rooting is significantly an unauthorised process which voids the warranty of the device.
• Once the device is being rooted, the same device will never get any official firmware updates.
• We are not to be held responsible, if your device damages during the process of rooting.

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• This tutorial is only associated with rooting process via Windows and Linux. Users need to type in with command- ping, if they have Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
• If by typing in the above command, user gets a reply then they can proceed further otherwise users need to search out for another computer in order to root Kindle Fire HD 8.9.
• Users need to strictly make sure that at least 75% of the Kindle Fire’s battery must be left before starting the process of rooting.
• Users need to keep in mind that the process of rooting can easily harm the device which is further significantly not supported by any of the vendors. Furthermore, any damage or harm to the device can directly remove the warranty of the device.
• Users have to make sure that they are following this tutorial carefully and if they are having any queries related to the same then they need to leave their comments in the given section below.
• We highly recommend to all our readers, kindly take a full backup of all the data stored before beginning the process of rooting.

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• Before starting the process to Root Kindle fire HD 8.9, users need to download and install all the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 ADB drivers.
• Furthermore, users need to download a Bin4ry Tool V30 as well before beginning in order to make sure the rooting of the device a smooth process.

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How to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9:

• Users need to open the device settings and enable the ADB.
• Followed by downloading all the required files from the section above along with keeping the device disconnected till the mentioned time I.
• Users who have previously installed some drivers on their Kindle must uninstall those and install all the latest drivers to their device.
• Users need to install all the ADB drivers which are available under the download section.
• All the contents of the Bin4ry root file must be extracted and must be run as an admin, only if the users are using Windows. (The users using Linux can run the files as admin/.sh).
• Users need to select the device type as “Normal” when the menu pop up.
• By using the device as Normal, a command will prompt which will particularly ask the user to connect their device. This is the right time when users need to connect their Kindly Fire HD 8.9 to their PC using USB cable.
• Users need to unlock their device if the device isn’t unlocked.
• After the successful finishing of the rooting process, users will get a window asking them to restore all the accounts or enter all the credentials associated with the same.
• Users need to just click on restore and enjoy their device.

This is all about how to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9. If you faced any difficulties while following this guide to Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9, please leave your queries in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you all out.