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Moto E is certainly the most anticipated device in the market, thanks to the promotional campaigns undergone by the US based phone maker. The developers have mounted huge expectations from this anticipated smartphone. There was a huge buzz in the market when the dual sim Moto E was launched. The best part about this phone is the price segment. It costs the customers as low as 6,999 INR only. This is a bargain buy for the people who are looking for a budget smartphone.

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In this price, the smartphone offers all the features that are packed in a high profile smartphone in the industry. We will now discuss the reasons why you should buy Moto E. Here are the 5 reasons to Buy Moto E:

Very Cheap: A Bargain Buy:

The feature that stands out in Moto E is that it costs only 6,999 INR. With the features that it possesses, it becomes hard to find an identical phone in the market. On the price cordon, this phone scores 10 points. It will deliver broad smiles to the face of mid range customers who look for cheaper smartphones without compromising on its features. This is certainly one of the main reasons to buy Moto E.

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Front Speakers and Specs:

The best part about Moto E is that it possesses front speakers. These speakers are proving to be the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the smartphone. It also packs a powerful dual core Qualcomm processor that is clocked at 1 GB of RAM. The storage capacity of the smartphone is measured at 4 GB which can be expanded further to 32 GB. The display of 4.3 inches and the camera with 5MP capacity also prove to be quintessential features of this phone.


The body of Moto E has kept the phone in the news in the recent past. It possesses rugged look with the presence of Gorilla Glass 3 in front of the phone. It is also splash and water resistant. Although, its body is soft in touch, but the rigidity of the phone shall not be undermined. This is also one of the main reasons to buy Moto E.

Dual Sim Variant:

In the fast paced environment, people usually carry two sim cards. One simcard is kept for personal purposes and the other is for the business contacts. Hence, it becomes necessary to own a phone that has the space for running two sim cards simultaneously. It saves the user the cost for an extra phone. Moto E possesses a slot for dual sim cards and this is one strong point for its likeliness among the fans.

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Operating System:

Moto E is equipped with an Android 4.2.2 operating system that is new to the market and works tremendously well in the current scenario. The upgrades to the OS are also promised by the US phone maker. This is a point on which Moto E beats all the other existing devices in the market.

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