Pushbullet is an amazing application which you can use to share information between your computer and smartphone. This app aims to reduce the use of emails for sharing long texts, links and files. There’s also no need to connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable because the connection happens wirelessly.

When your attention is focused on a laptop or a desktop, and you do not want to switch to your phone every time for handling a notification, Pushbullet comes into great use. The sharing not only happens personally. You can add friends with accounts and you can share everything to those who are remotely online.

Here’s what the app offers:

Share texts and links: The main attraction of this app is the ease to share long links from PC to Phone. You know how difficult it is to type long URLs on your phone? Well, Pushbullet solves this problem. From Pushbullet’s desktop interface: choose your device, enter a title and then a message. You can add links, files, lists and addresses.

Access calls and text messages: You get to see the caller’s name and number when you receive a call. You can’t pick the call from your PC. However, you can access text messages when you receive them and you can also reply them directly from your computer. No need to switch to your phone for messages.

Access Notifications: A dialogue appears on the bottom-right of your desktop when you get a notification. For example when you receive an email, you are notified immediately with the sender’s detail. You can also mute notifications individually so that you are not disturbed by useless ones.

Getting Started with Pushbullet

It’s not a single step to get started with Pushbullet. You’ll have to install the main app in your phone, a client in your PC and you need an account which you will use to log into both your phone and computer.

Here’s what you need in detail:

  • Pushbullet App: Download and install it in your smartphone. The links: For Android Devices | For Apple Devices.
  • Desktop Client or Browser Add-on: Download the Windows Desktop Client (beta version) or a browser add-on for your favorite browser. Here’s a link for downloading Pushbullet add-on for Chrome browser. It is also available for Firefox and Opera. The browser add-on for Safari and the desktop client for Mac OSX are yet to be released.
  • Pushbullet Account: Create an account by signing up with your email. It is simple if you just log in with your Google account. Use the same account on your smartphone as well as on your desktop and you’re connected.

Now you are completely ready to share between your Laptop or Desktop and smartphone. Don’t forget the sharing with friends feature.

Overall, Pushbullet is quite handy. It is not as powerful as Airdroid which allows you to upload and download files. But if you do not need those file transferring features and all you need is to transfer information like links, to-do lists, addresses and files one way; then Pushbullet is your best bet. The friends feature is convenient as you can share not only with yourself but with other people who have the app on their phone.