Instant messaging and email are the best forms of communicating so as to keep in touch with your friends, family and other people. However, it might be possible that using them unwisely can make your email id susceptible to get hacked or phishing scams. Do you think that you have taken enough measures to protect your email account? Ah! Despite your best efforts your email account has been hacked.

Protect your Email Account from Hackers

Now your email id has been hacked so what to do now? Here are some tips to protect your email account from hackers after it has been compromised.

1. Many hackers collect passwords using the malware stored on your computers. It’s none of the matter which OS you are using; always keep your computer updated with anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Choose the setting to automatic updates and if you can’t afford security software then you can even choose from a wide variety of software suites available in the market.

2. Avoid changing your passwords before updating your anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Change your password frequently and make it stronger. Strong passwords are not that hard to remind rather they are hard to guess.

3. If your account has been hacked, check your email provider’s site for information as many email providers have some online instructions for the case of an account takeover.

4. As soon as you get to know that you being hacked start informing your contacts about your email id been hacked. At least, warn them so as to stop the spread of the malware.

5. You can even give a call to your email provider so as to report the incident. Ask the tech security department to help you out.

6. Scams and spam phishing now comes on smartphone also but here spam comes attacking us from all angles. From the mailbox to email box through websites, forums, IM, chats and many more.

7. Avoid clicking on any company’s or bank’s link because no reputable company or bank is ever going to ask your “authenticate information” online. Instead of clicking on those links, you try yourself to search the site from search engine.

8. Before downloading or accepting any data, do validate the legitimacy of it. Many people reported about the malware attached to these which show up after downloading it.

9. Avoid entering your personal information in the pop-up screen. Sometimes it is created by phisher to hack your account. To avoid this situation, you can install pop-up blocking.

10. Always keep your software’s updated along with use of phishing filter.

These are some tips to protect your email account from hackers and further alert for any scam or spam activities.

Whenever anyone’s account being hacked, seriously it ruins their life. All your personal details stolen and spam mails will be sent out to all the contacts. Is there anyone who gone through this situation of email id hack? Let us know what happened and how you managed? It might help someone else.