Hello friends, a very warm welcome to all in the world of tech android games. From past few years tech market is evolving in such a rapid speed that users moved from PC to laptops to iPad to tablet to android smartphones and so on, then why not PSP gaming to smartphone android gaming? Do you know how to play PSP games on android phones?

Just few years back in 2005, PSP was simply one of the amazing pieces of gaming hardware. But now, gaming on smartphones gained popularity with so hike that the name of PSP faded away gradually. With time users also moved from PSP gaming to smartphones gaming, but if you don’t want to neglect your PSP and want those games you were in love with then you definitely play those games on android devices.

Ah! Really! PSP games on android? Yeah! Readers you read it right. Now you can enjoy PSP games on android phones. PPSSPP is missing a lot of features right now as it is in an initial stage of development. The missing features include no mapping of the hardware keys of the games as well as it does not support normal legal PSP eboot files.

Users mainly bought PSP so as to play the classics including the God of war series and many more classics. Users started selling their PSP and eventually realized that playing on PSP was a totally different experience. But now users those who are missing their PSP games can now play PSP games on android phones as well.

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Play Station Portable (PSP) games now you can play on your android devices. You just need to download PPSSPP emulator, which will only help you in playing your PSP games on android phones. PPSSPP emulator is now available for Linux, Windows and BlackBerry. This emulator is free to use and users can download it from Google Play store.

How to play PSP games on Android Phones:

1.You need to copy all the games CSO as well as ISO files to the internal storage of your android phone.

2. On your android device, when you will open the PPSSPP emulator you will to see an interface.

3. Now, you need to click on the Games tab and move towards the folder where you copied all the games CSO and ISO files.

4. You just need to click on the game and start playing it.

This project of playing PSP games on android phones is still in progress so it might be possible that some of your favorites PSP games are not compatible with this app. Please do keep in mind that the compatibility of the games are limited right now. The download of the app is 100% free of cost.

Personally, I feel like playing on PSP is a total different experience one can never get while playing those games on PPSSPP for android phones. Sometimes there are few bug fixes and sometimes some scenes overlapped the button, so in short it feels really difficult so as to play PSP games on android phones.