OLX is one of the most popular classified site and there is no need to introduce you all with Olx but umm it will be really wise if we introduce it to you all. Olx is a free India ad classifieds site which a punch line “Buyers meet sellers”. It provides a unique platform to the customers for advertising their classified ads. Olx is an online advertising company which handles hosting of free ads and makes ensure that seller meets the buyer. It allows you to sell stuffs like second hand mobiles, cars, house hold items and almost everything just by posting ads on site for free.

Olx authorizes the sellers to sell anything by posting small classified ads on the site at free of cost. Till date, Olx ensured to help many sellers to meet their buyers. It is a kind of place where you can easily sell everything whether from a bi-cycle to a car or from home furniture to rent housing by posting just one classified add without any extra charges.

Reasons to choose Olx:

  • Easy customizable colorful ads can be created and posted including videos and pictures
  • Users can control all their buying, selling and community activities under My OLX
  • Allows users to display their ads on social networking sites as well including Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Olx has even launched its mobile app which pretty easy and simply to use
  • Olx is 100% free and users can even view it in their own local language

At this prent date, Olx is dealing with around 96 countries all over from its official offices being in New York, Sao Paolo, Beijing, Buenos Aires and Mumbai. Olx started in 2006 and continued to gain popularity but the company didn’t stopped there and started with funny TV campaigns in 2011. These funny TV advertisements by Olx are so funny that sometimes people use them as jokes and further they just created an impact on the minds of people. Olx came forward with various funny advertisements and like “Bech De” and “Where Buyers meet Sellers” became really popular and since then Olx gained the top most position in the free advertising classified ads. If you are more addicted to Internet than TV, then Youtube channel is the best to view these Olx.in TV Ad campaign. Checkout all the Ads from this link Follow us on YouTube Link.

Olx TV ads attracted people despite being small, funny but created their impact on people. These ads just talked about some day-to-day house chores problems which only attracted the attention of users. The best thing about Olx is its cost free and many sellers even got positive results from this site.

Olx India TV campaign being a highly creative team and it offers the things which you need the most. It is not easy to sell or buy but it is all about “SAB KUCH BIKTA HAI”. You just have to name the product and you will get a buyer.