The launch of Nokia X is taken up with skepticism by the experts due to stiff competition that has rake up in the budget android segment. Moto G has been enjoying success currently and Nokia X is looking to lock horns with the unprecedented king of the budget android phone segment currently. However, the credibility of Nokia can give it a fair advantage in the market. Customers are confused though about which handset to choose in order to get the best value for money.

Nokia X

We will now discuss both the gadgets and compare the features of them in order to decide the winner. Let’s have a quick comparison between Nokia X vs Moto G.

The Hardware:

In terms of hardware, both the phones score high points. Both can be customized in terms of body and color.  They are available in range of colors and hence no other budget android phone can come even closer. However, Moto G scores above Nokia X in terms of hardware strength since it gives the user durable and strong feeling which is absent in Nokia X. The camera, screen and other aspects of hardware all are in favor of Moto G. Hence, on the hardware aspect, Moto G takes the lead.

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The Software:

Moto G possesses an Android 4.4.2 Kitkat buildup while on the other hand Nokia X works on the early version of Jelly Bean. It is more simple in terms of software. The Nokia store is not as good and hence without the support of Google App store, Nokia X is simply without the backbone. Moto G easily takes the edge in this comparison too.

Moto G


Nokia is renowned for manufacturing great cameras in their smartphone but it does not apply to Nokia X. In comparison to Moto G, Nokia X does not stand even closer in terms of camera expertise. Moto G possesses auto-focus and LED flash, both of which are absent in Nokia X.  Hence, in terms of camera, Moto G wins the race.

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The 4 inch Nokia X can be bought at the price of 89 euros which is a very low price considering the features it has. Moto G comes at a little more expensive price but since it beats Nokia  X on all grounds, it is worth buying. The value for money that you get with Moto G is not even comparable to Nokia X.


Nokia X is a great budget android smartphone but it runs on old features and when compared to the likes of Moto G, it does not stand even closer. Hence, we would crown Moto G as the unprecedented king of the box.