Have you ever given a thought what if your PC or Laptop or Mac attacked by virus, natural failures or thefts? No? It will leave you scrambling through your lost files and recovering them. If you never gave a thought of this situation then think it over now because if it did happen in future you might lose your important works and documents. At present, each and every person knows that computer backups are really important. You might be able to lose your precious memories as well and that situation will be devastating. And if you don’t want to lose those then you can create a backup for those important files as well.

Myths about Data Backup

About 90% of users using PC or Laptop fail to backup their data regularly and continue to save everything in the hard drive. They never give a thought what if the hard drive get damaged or lost. Though we have many other recovery software through which they can retrieve their files but if the drive even get physically destroyed or damaged, these software’s will won’t work either. This is the main reason, backing up your data regularly is pretty important and keep it on computer user’s to-do list always. Here we are with Top 5 Myths about Data Backup which you should completely ignore because backing up the data is pretty easy and efficient process.

Backup- Time Consuming:

It is pretty obvious that we have multiple computers on a single central server and backing up the entire data might take several hours. If you have more data to be transferred to the second drive as well then it will take much more time. However, the backup time depends on how you are backing up the data. For instance, to an external drive or to any remote drive, then the backup time will be lower. The first time backup or backing up your data everyday will take just a few hours. Backing up new data from time to time will subsequently reduces the amount of time. The backup process from your typical home computer to an external storage will take about less than an hour and even will save you from hours of frustration if anything goes wrong later.

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Backup- Too Difficult and Insecure:

Backing up your data is “too difficult and insecure” is one of the biggest myths about Data Backup. If you have just the right tools then backing up your data everyday is not that difficult. You can even install software for backing up your data if you don’t want to bother yourself with an external drive. This method is automatic and makes you forget about it. We recommend you for Norton Online Backup which is pretty helpful and would take care of everything. It is secure and will help in backing up your data automatically. All you need is to just install the application.

Backup- Expensive and Inefficient:

Yeah! It’s pretty true that backing up data online is expensive and even charges high licensing fees along with data-usage penalty charges. We do have the latest generation of backup software which operates on “send once” technology. This software helps in detecting the duplicate data across the network and ensures to send just one copy to the off-site server. It is pretty cheap and quicker backup process.

New Computer- Won’t Crash:

If you think that you own a new computer and it won’t crash, then you are wrong. The power and strength of any new machine lasts no longer. You will definitely fall into the false sense of security at once and your new machine can too fail because viruses really don’t care that your machine is new or old. And beware; clicking on any infected link can completely destroy the data on your computer. Things can even go wrong on the new computers as well; you never know which factory defect can cause hardware failure.

Relying Completely on Manual Data Backup:

Backing up data regularly can skip out of your mind at some point of time due to some unexpected meetings or simple late-night forgetfulness. Ah! No one’s memory is so infallible that the person can remember everything right throughout. People can look out for some backup solutions which doesn’t require regular initiate.

Many people even think that there is much not important work which must have a back up. But no matter there is always something irreplaceable and important in your PC which when you lose is pretty much devastating. So now you can clearly see that there is no specific reason to perform regular backups with your PC and if in case of worst scenarios then you can at least retrieve the important files and get all the backups.

Now you can even backup your data leaving behind these top 5 myths about data backup. Don’t think that backing up the data is completely unnecessary and time consuming. Debunk these myths and protect your data.