The main advantages of mobile operating system from Google are:-

  • One in particular is really useful for those who like to personalize your Smartphone.
  • The ability to change the launcher, lock screen and other default apps.

With this you can make your Android look and function as if iOS 7, this is so easy that you can do in minutes.

Already some developers are looking for ways to give more alternatives to Android users, one in particular. It has virtually all the solutions needed to achieve the task at hand.

Android look like iOS 7

To make your Android look like the pictures, the first thing to be installed is:

It runs directly from Google Play and is a replacement for the traditional menu icons, widgets, buttons, transitions and basically everything you know from your Android.

Upon installation, you open the application for an initial configuration (if a screen appears that shows the “level of similarity to iOS you just click” Skip “), and this is done, return to home.

You’ll see that everything now looks like iOS 7, from icons and transitions to exclusive commands like pull the screen down to reveal a search bar, or up to find the most used apps.

Pursuant follow using this application, possibly a dialog box that asks what software should complete the task appears. Espier Launcher must choose 7 as the default and click the button to the launcher stays running all the time.

Download here:

Espier Locker Screen 7


After you have installed the launcher, other apps are installed the same way. With Espier Locker 7 lock screen will be replaced by iOS 7.

In this case, you may have the option feature “Slide to unlock” and the initial configuration can enable other options, such as direct access button to camera or numeric password protection.

Download here

This app installs the new iOS notification bar 7 where new events separated in categories “Today,” “Everything” and “Lost” appear. One disadvantage with this is that many of the notifications as Google Now or others that are generally taken into “normal” Android will no longer appear in this bar, probably a problem of incompatibility of software.

Download here

Another tool features iOS 7 is the Control Center, where you can change the volume, brightness, Bluetooth, WiFi, Data, Calculator, Alarm, Camera and Flashlight.

In this case, if you have an Android virtual buttons with bar lower (as illustration) find it very difficult to use Control Center without accidentally activate Google Now, therefore we recommend disabling the wizard of Google to avoid problems when operating the new bar.

Download here

Finally, to complete the look of iOS 7 this application replaces the interface for making calls. You will see when entering a number you name suggestions appear, and if you open the book, it is also made ​​to look like the Apple operating system.

Download here

Notably applications mentioned here are the “lite” version, so they have limitations (like not being able to change the wallpaper), and in some advertising. If you want to experience you may choose to complete the Pro versions are given where configuration alternatives and ads are removed. This guide shows the potential of Android to expand the level of customization of the interface. Just as there are launchers of iOS, there are many more, so you can try any of them until you find the one that suits your taste.