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The rumors and speculations about Apple iPhone 6 started even earlier than the official announcement of iPhone 5S. Though we are months away but still we have lots and lots of information about the successor iPhone 6 looks, designs, price and other specifications which might be true or not. Emphasis on might, because until and unless Apple does not launch iPhone 6, we cannot really know about anything about it as Apple keeps its products tightly wrapped up.

iPhone 6 rumors

One of the biggest iPhone 6 rumors is the focus on the idea of the large screen size of iPhone 6 which might be true and have larger display than its predecessors. With heavy pouring of iPhone 6 rumors and speculations, here we are examining all that are coming in.

iPhone 6 Screen and Display:

Each and every person is able to agree on the fact or what we call rumor which might be true is that iPhone 6 will have larger display screen than other iOS smartphones launched before. We have seen many large display screen smartphones dominating the market. Some of those smartphones are Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S5. This seems to make sense that why Apple cannot compete with these larger can’t screen size. Earlier some iPhone 6 rumors suggested that it will have a screen size of 4.7 inches while some suggested that it will feature full HD resolution screen display. But according to the working of Apple, the rumors about the screen resolution might be wrong.

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Release Date of iPhone 6:

No one really knows that when is iPhone 6 coming out. Usually everyone is guessing and that guesses are simply wrong. In other words, we can just that Apple launch their products when they are ready with their some good worth. Typically, Apple releases their products once in every year and that too around September. This year, it is rumored that Apple will release their new smartphone iPhone 6 soon. This smartphone is the biggest complimentary product to iPhone 5S and further allow cus>tomers to have a choice of screen sizes. Till now, we have heard all the rumored dates as well as month of May, June and July but none of these seems to be right as they are coming from variety of sources.

Now-a-days, there is one more on-going compelling argument about the release date of iPhone 6 will be going to be September. The month of September seems to be usual as it comes all through the financial report which is submitted by GT Advanced. GT Advanced is the company manufacturing sapphire glass for iPhone 6. These figures are hard to be argued but we will bring in more information as we will have more of it. But if the launch of iPhone 6 is anything to go by the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C then it is very likely to make debut in the month of September.

Price of iPhone 6:

Usually, Apple launches its products with a similar price range as that of its predecessors and if that holds out to be true for iPhone 6, then we can assume and expect 16GB model to be dropped, 32GB model will cost around $880 or 53,699 INR, 64GB model will cost around $996 or 60,699 INR and 128GB model will cost around $1162 or 70,899 INR. It is rumored that if Apple continues to sell the iPhone 5S then the iPhone 6 premium model will definitely sits above it with a new pricing. It is obvious that if Apple decided their new smarphone iPhone 6 with larger screen then there are good chances of the increase in the prices as well.

iPhone 6 might look interesting as it is somewhat is based on the previous Apple technology. It is been rumored that Apple will also improve its Retina Display screen resolution; however Apple might set it out to even higher resolution. Furthermore, it is rumored that iPhone 6 will be much lighter than iPhone 5S and will be just 7.6mm thick. It is not yet revealed anything about the new or upgraded chip or processor and we expect that it will feature last year’s new M7 co-processor along with 64bit A7 processor. in terms of camera, we expect that we will see some improvement, however it is rumored that iPhone 6 will have upgraded 8MP camera or all a-new 13MP rear camera. Additionally, there have been some speculations about the wireless charging in iPhone 6 similar to that in Google Nexus 5. In terms of software, it is expected to feature a newly launched iOS 8.

These all speculations and rumors might be true or not but it is for sure that release of Apple iPhone 6 will definitely bang on the tech market with its dominace over other high-end smartphones. So what do you think? What are your expectations from iPhone 6? Please enlighten us with your valuable views.