Recently Apple has launched latest 5th generation tablet what will be now known as iPad Air. This iPad Air will be now on hand in silver, white and black. Its weight is 450g and it is approximately 20% thinner than any previous model. iPad Air belongs 43 per cent thinner bezel than the preceding model iPad 4 and measures at 7.5mm thick. The weight of this one has been slashed too, and this latest version tips scales at striking 1lb or 453g, down from 1.4lbs (635g). 20 per cent reduction in its weight makes it one of the lightest tablets today.

iPad Air vs iPad 4

People have just got this latest brand new iPad Air on hand, but the question is how does this actually compare to iPad 4? Thing is that packed with latest features and specifications this version boasts a lighter, thinner, beefier processor at the same price.


Since the apple company declared the Retina Show bringing iPad 3, or New iPad, last season, we’ve regularly been satisfied the visible depth and quality of the display. The 2,048 x 1,536 display is adhering around for another season, not that we have any issues with as it is already one of the best shows available on the industry.

On the other hand Apple criticized the iPad 3 and iPad 4 for being too heavy when Retina was included. The slim and light and portable develop creates the amazing graphics offered by Retina all the more attractive.


The iPad Air functions Apple’s newest iOS 7 cellular OS, which was published on 18 Sept. However, this is rather an unjust evaluation, as the iPad 4 launched with iOS 6 but is also upgradable to iOS 7 through a software update.

In both pills iPad Air (iOS 7) is a big modify on Apple’s iPad 4 (iOS 6) cellular OS, with its upgrade and ‘flat’ look providing a whole new experience to the gadgets. This was Apple’s first significant iOS update since the first iPhone was declared, and was much required.


Beneath that slimmer and less heavy body system it will be found that the new A7 processor chip, presenting the same 64 bit structure as the lately launched iPhone 5s. The apple company says the new iPad Air is now 8x quicker and has 72x the design performance of the unique iPad.

On the other hand the iPad 4 is centered on a dual-core A6X with a quad-core design processor chip.


Offering the juice for the iPad 4 was a 42.5-watt-hour battery power, which could easily get us through a day of mailing, browsing, film viewing and app enjoying with plenty left over for the next day. Apple has declared that the new iPad Air should still last for 10 hours, even though battery power has been reduced down to fit the new spend.


Like the iPad 4 before it, the iPad Air has a variety of picture catching systems. The primary 5 Mega-pixel, five-element lens is basically the same technological innovation. It has the same f/2.4 wide-angle aperture and the same Rear Illumination Indicator (BIS). This catches milder to give you better outcomes when taking photos in dim lighting circumstances.

Overall, coming whole with thinner, lighter, together with an entire bundle of internal improvement, iPad Air is confident to mark new spell for Apple’s other conquering tabs.