If you have been looking for the easiest way to figure out the song that your phone is playing and load lyrics for it automatically, then the best app that you can use is musiXmatch. It can not only use the music id technology to identify a song but it can also load the lyrics and point to the part of the currently playing words for you to sing along. The exact sentence that is being sung at the moment is shown. Think of it as a karaoke machine for your phone; that perfectly syncs lyrics with a song.

MusiXmatch serves best if you want to sing along with your favorite songs, recognize some confusing lines or just load up the lyrics for viewing. It is available for both the popular platforms and here are the download links: For Android and For iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The tool may have similar features to the popular music identifying app like SoundHound but it offers more. The main attractive feature is obviously the lyrics. After installing it to your phone or tablet, you don’t have to do anything. Just play the song using your favorite music player. The great thing about this is that it supports any music player. It even works with online streamers like Spotify.

How it Works

  • Play the song in your favorite app.
  • MusiXmatch works in the background.
  • The song is identified within a few moments.
  • Lyrics are loaded and a screen containing the lyrics floats over everything else.
  • The floating bar stays on top. It is transparent and you can resize, drag or hide it.
  • Sing along and enjoy your song.

Other Features

There are additional features that make this app even better. They are:

  • Integrated Music Player: You don’t even have to use any external music players. Just use the app itself as a player and with its ability to manage your music, you’re good to go.
  • Favorites: Add songs to your favorites and manage them using your musiXmatch account.
  • Sharing Features: Share the links to the lyrics using your phone’s in-built sharing feature.
  • Android TV Pairing: Pair with an Android Television and extend the functionality to your big screen.
  • Music ID: Find the name of any song by playing it in your phone, other external device or by just humming it.
  • Other features: There are numerous other built-in features like notification management, audio settings and UI personalization.