Have you ever wondered, how to create a beautiful picture slideshow video to share on Instagram? Well, it is a simple task. You don’t even need a PC to edit your photos and convert it into a video. You can use the pictures on your phone or in your Instagram account and convert it into a beautiful video slideshow using an app. There are many apps in Android with the same functionality. The one that we chose is called PicMotion which happens to be free.

After download and installation, this application will allow you to create a video with pictures in a simple step-by-step wizard. You don’t have to be an expert for it. You will select pictures, resize or modify them, specify the length of the video, choose how long an individual picture is shown for, and add music to it. After exporting, you can share it on Instagram or other video social networks for the world to see. Your video can have a lot of cool effects as well.

Here’s how you make an awesome picture slideshow using PicMotion:

  • Download the app for free from here.Open the app and hit start to begin the step by step wizard.
  • Choose photos from your phone’s gallery. You can also login to Instagram within this app and select your pictures from there. Just tap once to select a picture. Make sure you select multiple pictures for a video.
  • Edit your photos to fit in the square region defined by the app. Move your photos, zoom and rotate them as per your wish.
  • Select the length of the video. You can select a pre-specified length such as 15 seconds for Instagram, 6 for Vine and custom length like 3 seconds.
  • Select photo timing. You can specify how long a single photo is shown for. Use the innovative record method to specify timings. Each photo can be displayed for a unique length of time.
  • Add some music to it. You can add music from your phone or record an audio using your phone’s microphone. When adding music, make sure that it doesn’t break any copyright.
  • Your video preview will be ready. You can add cool filers and transitions.
  • Once satisfied, export the video by tapping on the save or share button. You can upload the exported video anytime on Instagram.

You can also give alternative apps such as VideoShow, KlipMix or Free Slideshow Maker a try.