If you have multiple email accounts that you want to access in a single place, then it is quite simple in Android devices. You won’t even have to download a new app for it. All you need to use is the largely overlooked “Email” app that ships with your phone. Till now, you might have used the Gmail app for checking your Google account, Yahoo mail and Outlook.com for receiving those emails.

Instead of using multiple apps for multiple email accounts, just set up the Email app so that you read and send all your email from one place. If you’ve never used the app then open it up and see how simple it is. Just enter your email account and password. The application will automatically log in and set everything up. Repeat the process for multiple accounts.

If you have a custom email account like yourname@yourdomain.com, it works as well. Just confirm the POP3 and SMTP details when you add the account and you’re done. You also get push notifications for new emails. You can also select the “Combined view” to access a unified inbox. The layout is a lot like that of the Gmail app and you can try gestures like swiping to delete your email.

If you Prefer to Use an External App try CloudMagic

If for some reason you do not prefer the native email application, then search the Play Store for an app called CloudMagic. The same application is also available for iPhone and iPad at the iTunes App Store.

CloudMagic happens to be an award winning app for checking multiple email and other accounts. You can access Gmail. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange accounts. If your server supports it you can also use IMAP to access your email. This app is for increasing your productivity.

One thing that is special about this app is the “Passcode Lock” feature. The option is¬†easily accesible from Settings>App Settings>Passcode Lock. Once, turned on you will setup and use a four digit passcode. This means that the security for all your email accounts accessed via CloudMagic is enhanced. You won’t have to worry about others accessing your email.

So, use CloudMagic or Android’s default Email app to increase your productivity and simplify your email checking routine.