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Google is warming up with the introduction of Android 4.4 KitKat and recently has posted two images that are clearly teasers on the date that will finally presented its new OS. After suffering a disappointment to see that on October 15 passed without announcements, analysts seeking a new reference eager to advance the date of this presentation. Google knows this and has decided to get the long teeth.

Both have been published in the KitKat Google+ profile, which is personalized for a dates with the shape of the robot or android that symbolizes the operating system.

The first image appeared said doll that looks like a fusion between Android and a bar of Nestle famous sweet red background with dancing posture. We can see a slogan: Everybody dance now!

Android Kitkat

This is part of the title of the song that pulled in 90 C + C Music Factory: Gonna make you sweat (Everybody dance now!). One great song tacky was released October 18, 1990 , so maybe this could be the new date.

With this publication suggested the hashtag # AndroidKITKAT to talk in this community.

Has released some hours after which an image based KitKat bars roughly the phrase consists fragmented: This is it. This already puts us more nervous and could relate to arrive today. There is also the subtitle Have a break, have a KitKat that beyond being the Nestlé product slogan, suggests immediacy. As if this were not enough, they have posted the message sometimes you have to look for the signs; we have noticed that the phrase consists of 16 bars of this sweet. This could be interpreted as that it is October 16th.

Android Kitkat

The KitKat website also conveys these feelings, since we report that KitKat 4.4, the future has already arrived confectionery.

Therefore all intent from now.