Looking for a free antivirus software by which you can keep your PC safe and secure? Well, then today we are with a list of Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Software. Following is the list of the top 5 free antivirus software of 2014. Although they are free, yet as you take a paid version, then you will be entitled for comparably more features.

Free Antivirus Software of 2014


Gone are the days when you used to feel threatened by the external attacks. As now AVG is there for your needs since it safeguards your computer from every potential threat. Its users run in millions.


The title of another free antivirus software of 2014 goes to Kaspersky. Your PC is in the safe hands, thanks to this software. Since, it protects your PC from Trojans as well as malware. Another thing which I need to mention here is that it comes up with anti-theft protection feature which gives you the luxury to get hold of the missing devices with the help of Google Maps.

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Avast Free Antivirus:

Those who have used Avast know the potential of this anti-virus software. It is indeed quite a sophisticated anti-virus which dedicatedly deals with the problem of virus and malware. You can make the use of this awesome anti-virus in both free as well as paid version. The extent of popularity and utility can only be understood from the data where the users of whopping 200 million PCs as well as mobiles are totally relying on this awesome and mind-blowing anti-virus.  Thanks to the facility of browser protection, you are assured of the fact that it will at once hinder the entry of virus especially at the time when you download the files. It is also available on Google Play store. You can copy and paste the following link towards opting for this awesome antivirus for free.

Microsoft Security Essentials:

You get this free antivirus as pre-installed on your Windows.  As a dedicated and awesome software, it shields your prized computer by leaving no chance of any sorts of threat by guarding against spyware or any other type of malicious software. Microsoft security essentials is also termed to be the official security software from Microsoft, and it comes with another advantage which is that, you don’t have to bother yourself from updating it every now and then, since it runs all by itself.


Bitdefender Antivirus is another addition to the list of mind-blowing antivirus. It is compatible with all the Windows version and the latest version (8.1) is included as well. So what if you were facing problems of malware etc, now it won’t be the case with Bitdefender. In order to make its functioning top notch, it is advisable for you to install Bitdefender browser extension.

There you go, aforesaid are the top 5 free antivirus software. Use them and experience the pleasant difference without compromising on the security aspect. Isn’t it great?