Android has a large gallery of apps and their functionality ranges from anything to everything. There are apps that you can use to play music, entertain yourself, and manage your finances. One category that seems to be quite useful is the fitness apps. These are the ones designed to help you track your exercises and provide additional details like calories burnt, distance travelled, push-ups done and more.

Here are four Android apps to help you stay fit:

miCoach train & run by adidas

Adidas miCoach

This app is branded by adidas and is useful for tracking your runs, walks, biking sessions and other exercises. It uses GPS to track your movement. After creating an account, try a demo run with miCoach. You will find that it tracks your movement in a map along with your pace, calories burnt, time spent and total distance travelled. You will also get voice feedbacks for your workout sessions. Other additional features include the ability to track your heart beat using an external heart rate monitor on select devices.

Push Ups Workout by Northpark

This is an app which tracks and encourages your push up sessions. What you do is run this app, place the phone in the ground and do the pushups over it; trying to touch the phone with your nose. The proximity sensor in your phone will track your pushups and count it. You will also get regular push up plans so that you start with minimum sessions and move on to do large sets.

Sit Ups by Rittr Labs

If you like working on your abs, then you definitely do sit ups. There’s an app called “Sit Ups” which can help you track your sessions. So, the next time you’re working out on your abs use it and see how far you get. You also get to develop a plan, throughout which you work more and more on your abs. Doing crunches has never been so fun.

Runtastic Squats

An effective exercise to tone your hips is squats. Try Runtastic squats which helps you to stay on schedule and gamify your exercise sessions with levels and challenges. The stats are accurate thanks to your phone’s accelerometer, and there’s voice coaching to support and encourage you. Every activity is stored so that you can view your stats anytime.

There are a lot of other applications in the Play Store to track your fitness activities. Which one is your favorite? Share them in the comment section below.