According to rumors on the internet, Nokia has been designing his own version of a Smartphone with Google Android for quite some time, however, some close to the plans of the company this could become a reality sources, this new project with key code “Normandy ” (inclusive is said to have other codes within the company) would be allocated to the next generation of Smartphone inexpensive Nokia.

Nokia with Android

However sources mention that Nokia could be tested with a non- similar variant or at least customized by Nokia which would be different from the original version of Google similar to what we see in the series of Amazon Kindle Fire. A month ago a picture was leaked by the evleaks Twitter account which showed a very similar to the series of Lumia Smartphone mobile which showed no capacitive buttons for navigation as most Smartphone that run Android.

Mentioned by sources that will support applications like Skype Normandy including the most recognized for Android, but now we know that Nokia is developing a Smartphone with Android makes us consider whether this will remain viable even after Microsoft bought the company for it is not known whether these plans will continue with this new administration or if will release before Microsoft put hands full in the Finnish company.

Many sources indicate that the “Normandy ” Smartphone would be based on the design of the recent series of inexpensive devices, Asha, which has not taken off like Nokia expected its 40th series, the effort of the Finnish company is very similar to what Amazon has done with its custom version of Android so Nokia employees working on this project has been informed that Normandy planned to be announced in 2014 as a major boost if Microsoft does not get in the way because it’s a little weird to think that the biggest Redmond interested in a Smartphone with Android instead of using their own Windows Phone operating system.