Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the two leading web browsers which are best for PC as well as for smartphone users. If someone asks you about the fastest web browser for PC then obviously your answer will be Google Chrome. Despite there is being a difference between the processors of PC and smartphones, there is no doubt that these two web browsers are the best. PCs have powerful processors and this being the reason behind the fact that it can handle various processes simultaneously. Furthermore, same browsers perform differently on smartphones because mobile processors are different from that of computers. There are numerous of web browsers which are available for android and even android smartphones are equipped with a default web browser but that is somewhat slower as compared to others. Today, here we are with top 5 fastest web browsers of 2014 for PC as well as for android and iPhone.

Web browser is a software which help users in surfing internet and this needs to be installed once on the device whether a PC or android or an iPhone. After installation, this software provides various services of accessing internet. These browsers help in reading all the web pages written in varied web programming languages. Mostly the web browsers are available for free and there is no paid version yet. There are numerous web browsers which came into existence from last few years and earlier too it was war between Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you are looking for fastest web browsers for your PC, android or iPhone then this is the very right place where you downed. Finally, here we are with top 5 fastest web browsers of 2014. These web browsers will provide quickest web browsing on your PCs and mobiles.

Fastest Web Browsers

The year 2014 brings varied options for users which easily confuses them between the web browsers. Here I am mentioning down all the fastest web browsers of 2014 which are worth a try and finally will compare them to help you all in choosing the best web browser.

Google Chrome:

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is the No.1 web browser in terms of performance. This web browser has a very good browsing speed on PCs as well as on smartphones. Users using a proxy server internet connection then Google Chrome allow them to set up custom proxy settings. It is equipped with in-built flash player as well as there is no need to install flash plugins in order to watch videos. Using this browser allow users to enjoy amazing features on their PCs as well as smartphones.

Opera Mini Web Browser:

Opera Mini Web Browser is the second fastest web browser and it is easy as well as simply user friendly browser which is loaded with tons of features. This browser provides tabbed browsing feature which is similar to the features of Google Chrome. It allows users to bookmark their favorite web pages on their smartphones as well for easy access. Furthermore, it is equipped with a speed dialing feature which helps in providing easy access to the frequent visited sites.

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Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser is similar to the web browser we use on the PC. It includes history records along with bookmarks and add-ons. Furthermore, it saves the lsit of the websites which the user visit frequently and users can even manage apps, downloads and add-ons from the options panel itself. It is equipped with private browsing feature and lastly provides the best internet surfing experience.

Dolphin Browser:

This web browser is not popular as much as the other web browsers which we discussed. Despite its least popularity, this web browser is still one among the best and fastest web browsers of 2014. The interface of this web browser is much similar to that of Google Chrome and its multi-tab utility is much better than from other web browsers. Furthermore, it is equipped with support gestures which help users in getting access to the sites faster than ever.

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UC Browser:

This web browser is basically designed for smartphone users and gives them experience of fastest browsing speed. This is the only web browser which is available for Symbian as well as Java mobiles and its interface includes a list of popular as well as most used websites. It includes a feature if multi-tab browsing which help users in browsing varied sites simultaneously.

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So, this is all about the top 5 fastest web browsers of 2014 for PCs as well as android and iPhone users. Now what you think about our selection for the top web browsers? Which one of these you prefer and why? Don’t forget to share your about your favorite web browser in the comment section below.