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Hello friends, welcome to the world of social networking sites and their security. Recently, it was rumored that many social networking sites especially Facebook is facing some security issues. Many profiles have being hacked and misused by the hackers as well. Are you a Facebook user? Do you know some Facebook security tips to stay safe in 2014?

Many Facebook users complained about the misuse of their pictures in past few months and the facebook administrators are working on the bug fixes. Hopefully they being successful and further will provide full security to its members in 2014. Here we will tell about the top 5 Facebook security tips to stay safe in 2014.

Facebook Security Tips to stay safe in 2014:

  • Users you always need to make sure that only your friends can see your profile and peek into. All you need is to click on the Privacy tab available in the top right hand corner (the place from where you click to logout).

    Now you just need to follow the steps and finally you will be controlling the visibility of all the posts you will be sharing in future. You need to pick the best options that suit you.

  • Users do always try to control your profile contacts. Do tap on the privacy settings and make it a setting of you can send you messages, friend’s requests and many such other options available. You can also check out the options if you want only your friends to contact you.
  • Next option provided to the users by privacy settings on Facebook is to limit the contact list of the people contacting you from your mobile number/email address.
  • Users can also set a privacy setting of the login notifications i.e. whenever anyone tries to log in into your account; you will a notification via text message or email.
  • Users can use a setting of one-time password if they are accessing their account from any public computer. Users need to block the apps from accessing your personal information and if you want to remove something posted on your timeline then it is very simple and easy.

From past few years, social networking has been really a concern for the security of the users about their personal information and details. It was only recently that Facebook administrators found out that about 83 millions profiles on facebook are fake and about 6 lacs of the profiles being hacked. The Facebook though themselves initiated some steps for increasing security like the launch of official Facebook security page but those is not that enough to keep your accounts safe? No! They are not at all safe. But users can follow the Facebook security tips to stay safe in 2014.

Users should manage their security and privacy settings and use secure browsing along with protected phone devices. Users must add only the known people to their account those are real friends and they should not use the same passwords of their email ids as well as for facebook. Users should log out after every session and while login in to their account they should not select for “Keep me logged in”. Users must not do a mistake by clicking on the spam ads or links provided or shared by people and don’t forget to use a strong password as well as try to change it frequently.

So this is all for the top 5 Facebook security tips to stay safe in 2014. These all are the effective security tips which will definitely enhance the users safety being online.