Clash of Clans has been accepted by the fan base worldwide. It has scored over the heart of various classes of users, thanks to its universal appeal. The resounding echoes of the game’s success can be heard anywhere in the corridors of the gaming industry. Since the announcement of its launch, there has been a huge hype associated with it. The developers have not spared a single dollar for the promotion of Clash of Clans.

The success of the game pushed the developers to launch it for the PC’s too. The marketing strategies implemented by its developers had been very innovative and it embarked a great territory of its own in the market. The anxiety among the fans was huge before the arrival of the game. The experts and the critics however believed that too much of buzz can mount the expectations very high and the game would not be able to satiate those expectations. However, since its inception, the game has touched millions of hearts and many more to count.

Clash of Clans for PC

Commercially and critically, “Clash of Clans” has broken all the records in existence at the time. The features of the game set it apart from the rest of the games in the same page. The multiplayer option can be availed in the game and you can involve your friends in it. This is one of the best features of “Clash of Clans”.

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Clash of Clans is an android app and for downloading it on your PC, you need to have BlueStacks installer. BlueStacks has been defined as the best android emulator that exists. Before checking the installation steps of Clash of Clans, let us know more about its features.

Features of Clash of Clans:

  1. The multi-player option ridden in the game enables you to connect with your friends and involve them in the gameplay.
  2. It works on one server and all the players can use it.
  3. A lot of creativity is needed to play the game and the user needs to be smart enough to use the right resources and not to waste time on the unnecessary ones.
  4. It boasts a great graphic quality. The audio effects of the game are also of utmost quality.

Download Clash of Clans for PC:

You can download Clash of Clans for PC using BlueStacks through a very simple procedure. The steps to download Clash of Clans for PC are discussed here below:

Steps to Download Clash of Clans for PC:

Here are the steps to download clash of clans for PC easily.

  1. The first thing you need to download Clash of Clans is the installation of BlueStacks. It should be done from its official website so you don’t fall in the trap of fake softwares.
  2. After this step, you can run the BlueStacks software and try to search for the app that you want to download.  It is “Clash of Clans” in this case.
  3. Click on search after typing the name of “Clash of Clans” in the search box.
  4. When the result is displayed, try to find the Install button situated there and click on it.
  5. Wait for a few moments before the game is completely downloaded on your PC.

Hurray! Now, you can enjoy Clash of Clans on your computer.