If you disable your account, then it will temporarily disappear your timeline. People will not be able to search you anymore as you will be invisible. Facebook saves all your information in case you want to come back. But if you have decided that you will not use Facebook anymore then you just have to delete your account permanently. In this case you won’t be able to come back and all of your data will also be deleted. Let’s have a quick look at the steps you need to do in order to delete Facebook Account permanently.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Save your Data:

Before deleting get all the data from your account and save all the information, your pictures which you need from your account. You are going to lose everything after deleting your account. Through the account settings you also get the option of downloading a copy of your data. There you are going to find a link from where you can download all your data. You can also download your data individually by clicking on the download button.

Clear your History:

Open the activity log by undoing your previous actions on the Facebook like your comments and posts. This will assist you in making sure that all of your data will remain even after you have deleted your account. There is a privacy button that is present on the top right corner. Click the activity log and here users can also select the parts you want to delete.

Visit the Delete Page:

It is not easy to have access to this page unless you will search for the deletes page on Facebook. To start the deleting process, users  can also visit the link Delete my account.

Enter your Password:

When you will reach the delete page you will have to enter password and captcha. After that press button okay and it will delete your account permanently. For the deletion to take effect it will take 14 days. If you need to delete your account this way, then it is important that you remember your password. In case you have forgotten your password you can reset it with the service available before deleting your account.

Try Temporary Deactivation:

Click on the icon settings and then account setting after that you can open the security section from the left menu and from there you can deactivate your account temporarily. You will have to fill the information to deactivate your account. Deactivating your account will let you have access to your messages as well as posts, but you will not get any notification.

Make sure that you remember your password because to delete your account Facebook will ask if you your password. In case you have forgotten, then reset by using the services. These are the five steps by which you can delete Facebook account permanently. Once you have permanently deleted your account there is no option of recovery.  If you still want to delete your Facebook account, then follow these above mentioned steps and you will be able to delete Facebook account permanently.