Despite the rise of messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Line, still many of them continue to use the SMS and MMS. Even the operators now beginning to offer included in the flat rates. They keep in touch method which can still give a lot of play, and therefore we have to try them out all the juice.

Right in this method one of the least known is that you can enable confirmation of receipt of a message and thus, in the style of other messaging applications, confirm that the message has been delivered to the recipient.

Windows Phone

Want to know how to set up delivery confirmation SMS and MMS on Windows Phone?

We are used to the new messaging systems which can check if the message has reached the recipient or not. Thus, WhatsApp have the familiar double check, or other systems, other method to confirm delivery. But do not forget that there are still people who use SMS (less and less, but it is used) and now that many of the fees include them free. They are a fairly simple method of sending text, and also consume less battery power than they consume messaging applications.

Many agree with this point that that delivery report is very important and necessary. And it is known that in the SMS you have also the possibility of such confirmation, only need to configure it. And we’ll tell you how it is done.

This configuration is done in the messages application options. To do this, we can access from two ways: either through configuration, and moving us to applications, or by opening the message and accessing application options (three points).

There we can see on a screen all possible configurations. The first thing to find for the terminals with Windows Phone 8, is the possibility to backup SMS and chat messages. So that if you restore the phone we can recover. An option that is recommended to keep it activated, since the backup is performed in the cloud and not the terminal.

Below you will find the options of commenting. This provides the option to activate the delivery confirmation SMS or MMS. Thus, when the message is delivered to the recipient, you will reach another message indicating that fact. Also, by default, the terminal will send confirmation if you receive an MMS.

This is the simple way, through which you can assure if a SMS or MMS message has been delivered. And even, if delivery occurs after a long time, the confirmation comes as a new SMS, and therefore the terminal will sound (made with WhatsApp does not occur).