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Chaton has been released recently and it has surged as a result of the smartphone revolution that is engulfing the industry big time now. The credibility of Chaton lays in the fact that it is seen as the best alternative for Whatsapp in the market. The comparison with Whatsapp has resulted due to the performance of Chaton in the current times. The fans of the app have claimed the magnificence of the app and the ease of using it on their device.

You can connect to your friends around the world using ChatOn and its credibility has been acknowledged by millions of people who have downloaded the app already. The number is swiftly increasing and the experts are of the view that ChatOn could give a stiff competition to the likes of Whatsapp in the market. This is a great compliment in itself for Chaton. You can enjoy ChatOn on your phone or computer. For your smartphone, you can simply go to the Google App store and download it from there. However, for the PC users there is another way to download Chaton messenger for PC through APK files. We will discuss the process  in detail in the end section of the article.

ChatOn Messenger for PC

ChatOn enables the user to send free texts, voice messages and also video messages. The usage of the app is very easy, thanks to the simple interface of ChatOn. You can employ an ample of fun ways to express yourself to friends. There is an “in-app” translator that helps the people who are not aware with English or any other language. Hence, no language barrier comes to haunt the user. The availability of stickers in the app helps the user to express his emotions to perfection. ChatOn is currently available in as many as 237 countries and in 67 languages.

Features of ChatOn for PC:

  1. You can not only send free texts but also send video messages and voice messages for free using ChatOn for PC.
  2. The location sharing is possible in the app using which the people can send their location to friends.
  3. The availability of hundreds of stickers helps the user to express their emotions to friends at ease.
  4. The language translator feature is one of the best in the app. Using this feature, you can eliminate all the language barriers between you and your friends.

Download ChatOn for PC:

You can download Chaton messenger for PC using the APK files. These files have to be used in case of PC download of android apps.

Steps to Download ChatOn for PC:

  1. Firstly, you have to copy the APK files on your memory card.
  2. Once the files have been copied, you can insert the same memory card inside your PC.
  3. The next step is download an app installer. This takes a few moments so please have some patience in the meanwhile.
  4. Now, choose the APK file that you want in your PC and click on Ok.
  5. In some time, your favorite app would be downloaded on your system.