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Laptop is one of the most important possessions of a student or a working professional. Hence, choosing the right one is indeed an important ask. For the professional people, it is easy to select the laptop of their own choice that matches their requirement but for the novice user, it can be a daunting task. Hence, for the people who cannot decide by their own self, we have compiled a few things that they should consider when buying laptop. Here are the things to consider when buying laptops:

Laptop Buying Guide

It Hardly Matters if your PC is Windows or Mac:

People are stuffed with the misunderstanding that Mac systems are far superior than the Windows PC’s and working on Mac can lead to better results. This is no more than a myth. It hardly matters if you buy a Mac or a windows laptop. What matters most is the functionality and the configuration of those laptops and if they match your expectations. Although, the user experience among Windows laptops and Mac’s is the major difference, but it does not matter a great deal. It is a fact that Apple products possess an unmatchable quality and design but if you want the laptop for use and not for flaunting to your friends, then it does not really matter if it’s a Mac or a Windows PC.

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4GB of RAM is Quite Good:

RAM is an important aspect of a laptop but you should not stress too much about it. 4 GB of RAM is quite enough for regular users and there is no need for upgrading it once you possess such attribute with your laptop. There are laptops that possess less than 4 GB RAM but that is fine too, as far as your work on laptop is confined to checking mails, surfing and seeing movies. Therefore, 4GB of RAM makes a good attribute for a potential laptop and spending a fortune on increasing its memory is actually a waste of money.

 The Hard Drive Storage isn’t that Important:

Usually, the buyers look for the hard disk space that the laptop flaunts but it is hardly important. What matters most here is the speed with which you can share photos and videos over your system. If your laptop is fast and does not have a huge amount of storage capacity, you should still feel like a winner. Hence, the focus of the laptop buyers shall lay on the speed rather than storage space available at their disposal.

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Do not Compulsorily Go for the Pentium Processors:

It is a historical saying that Intel processors are the main aspect to be considered while buying a new laptop. Most people are unaware of the fact that Intel now uses the Pentium brand name in order to label the low cost chips it manufactures. Hence, if you are looking for a great user experience, you must go for the second generation Intel core series processors such as Core i3, Core i5 and so on.

AMD can Prove to be a Better bet than Intel:

AMD is certainly the second largest processor manufacturer in the world market currently. It has come out with some impressive processors in the last couple of years and its credibility cannot be questioned a single bit in the market. Most of the experts believe that AMD processors can outrun the Intel processors by the fair margin. So, the potential buyers must be inclined towards the AMD processors as they give better performance than the Intel processors.