The android devices used to ad-free some time ago. It was a digital paradise where you could enjoy games, check emails and make some calls without the fear of advertisements. However, with the surge of the smartphone revolution, the marketers are capitalizing on the opportunity to reach multiple customers and have started their campaigns on the android phones. The sales pitch of the mobile advertising has gone peaky and it does not help the purpose. It does nothing but annoy the customer to the most. It is due to the abnormal advertising that the credibility of android operating system has gone awry in the market.

Block Ads on Your Android Phone

The moment you download an app in your android phone, the ads creep inside your device and there is simply no way out. These ads not only distract you from doing the regular work but they also consume a big screen space that causes big frustration for the android users. These ads are also alleged to be consuming a lot of data plan in case you click on them by mistake. Hence, it becomes very important to eliminate these annoying ads from the android device. But the question is whether or not it is possible. The answer is; there are some apps and other elements that help you fight with the ad problem in the android world.

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Apps that block the ads:

The moment you browse on Google for finding the apps that help block ads from android phones, you will find millions of them but not all are regarded by the internet community. However, among the useless apps, there are also some of them which are regarded well. We are talking about the apps such as AdAway, NetSpector Sniffer and AdFree Android. However, these apps are only available for the phones that are rooted. The reason for the existence of these apps only on the rooted phones is that changes are made to the hosts file by these apps and it is allowed only with the rooted phones.

Once you root your handset, you can avail total control over it. You can then access to any file that you want in your device. The unwanted softwares can be eliminated from the phone once you root your phone. There are an ample of benefits of rooting your device. It helps you especially to remove the unwanted ads on your android device.

Blocking the Internet Connection:

There are some apps in the market like Ad Blocker and Data Toggle that work in a very unique way for blocking ads. They turn off the internet connection in order to block ads on the phone. In this way, the people who use apps are not bothered by the ad activity on their phone.

The users can manually turn off their connection too but it requires a lot of awareness and can be tedious work, hence the app takes care of the same. In this way, you can feel completely out of the android ad world and enjoy the apps to the best.