Whatsapp crossed about 450 million active users. At present, Whatsapp is the best free chat messenger which is ever made for iPhone as well as for Android and recently bought by Facebook for $19 Billion. Despite there are many other chat messengers being created after Whatsapp launch and even hiring famous film stars to attract the users, still we don’t see degradation in Whatsapp’s popularity. And this is the only reason that made us pen down this piece of article for our readers. Here we will turn over our eyes on some best Whatsapp tricks that you should know.

whatsapp tricks

Hide Whatsapp Last Seen:

There is no doubt that Whatsapp is the best chat messenger available right now in the market for Android as well as iPhone but the only problem we face is that it doesn’t allow users to hide their last seen time from their Whatsapp contacts. Oh! You forgot that Whatsapp for iPhone do allow users to hide their last seen time but not for Android, BB and Windows users. Despite there is no inbuilt feature of hide last seen but we can personalize it on our own by using some additional tricks. I already have a detailed article penned down for you so here I am not writing down all that again please. You can simply follow the steps for how to disable last seen in Whatsapp.

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Recover Deleted Messages:

For some specific amazing features, Whatsapp has some default settings of storing all the conversations to the microSD card. This seems to be pretty helpful if users ever lose their important conversations or if a user want to peek in to their friend’s Whatsapp after they have deleted. You just need to click on SD card>>Whatsapp>>Databases and look out for files named msgtore.db.crypt or msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt. The first file contains all the conversations sent and received on that particular day and the second file contains all the conversations from the past 7 days. You can simply open them with a simple text editor and retrieve them.

Get Profile Pictures of your Contacts:

While checking out profile pictures of your contacts, we know that there is no such way to store them because Whatsapp doesn’t provide any inbuilt option to save the image. Yeah! There is an alternative to that ah! Take screenshot and save and then crop the unnecessary part Blah! Blah! But there is not to worry at all. If you want to save the profile pictures of your contacts then you just to click on SD card>>Whatsapp>>Profile Pictures and the images associated with the contact numbers will be displayed. You can easily save the pictures you want to your gallery.

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Hide Profile Picture:

Many people feel insecure about misuse of their profile pictures. But if that’s so don’t display any 😛 and finally you will save some memory. No one looks that bad to be not seen by people and if you think so then that’s your problem but seriously rid of this feeling. Anyways, if you want to hide your profile picture then you can simply use Whatsapp Plus. This application features an inbuilt feature on Android of hiding profile picture. But remember Whatsapp Plus is not officially available on Google Play Store, so try to download from a reliable source.

Finding out Whatsapp Statistics:

Now you can easily find out who texts you the most, which guy or girl has a crush on you using WhatStat. It will show you up some organized graphs with categories. You can also view your Whatsapp Statistics by Settings>>Account>>Network Usage.

Change the Number Linked with Whatsapp:

If you have bought a new SIM and without losing the existing groups you are associated with on Whatsapp then you can simply Go To Settings>>Account>>Change Number>>Type both Old & New Number>>Done.

These are some best Whatsapp tricks that you should know. We are still hunting for more interesting tricks and we will definitely continue sharing them with you all. If you have any Whatsapp trick, you are most welcome to share with us by just commenting in the comment section below. We will be happy to include the trick in the list. Stay tuned for more updates!