With the raging pace of the smartphone world and undue pressure on the user to maintain virtual life as well as the real life is phenomenal. In such cases, the need of virtual assistant apps becomes important. In the real professional life too, the existence of an assistant makes the work easier and peppier. Moreover, with the surge of so many apps it becomes hard to determine the work of those apps in the right manner. This is where the virtual assistant apps come into play. If you are searching for virtual assistant apps for android then your search ends here. Here in this post we are here with a list of top 5 virtual assistant apps for android:

Virtual Assistant Apps for Android

AIVC (Alice) for Android:

AIVC (Alice) for Android is at the first position in this list of Top 5 Best Virtual Assistant Apps for Android. This app comes absolutely free of cost and usually called AIVC Virtual assistant for Android. AIVC comes with music, calendar, wake up mode and dialog mode. All these features combine together to make this app one of the best in the market. It is the sole responsibility of Alice to catalyze your work and make it easy. The real time functions are also performed by the app.

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Skyvi Virtual Assistant:

This is one of the most intelligent virtual assistant apps for android that you can hop onto, in the market. It awares you about all the happenings in the world; ranging from business to celebrities. It is usually known as a Siri Alternative for the android phones. It makes texting and calling very easy. Apart from that, you can also find locations with the help of Skyvi Virtual Assistant. Skyvi tells you jokes as well when you are bored. The management of the social network is also taken up by this assistant software.

Iris Personal Assistant for Android:

As the name suggests, it is the personal assistant for the android users. This app answers the questions put up by the user by recognizing the voice notes. Iris comes up with replies irrespective of how diverse your questions can be. You can ask questions about history, science and anything else you can think of. Using Iris is a highly easy task and this is the reason why it is one of the best virtual assistant apps in the market.

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Evi Personal Assistant for Android:

It is yet another virtual assistant that works on the concept of artificial intelligence. You can accomplish the day to day activities with the help of this software. Ask this app any question and you will be answered without any hassles.

Dragon Mobile Assistant:

Placed on the 5th position in our list, Dragon Mobile Assistant is considered to be one of the most renowned and respected virtual assistant apps for android devices. It is often compared to Siri considering its features and credibility in the market. It can take commands made by text and also by voice notes. You can ask Dragon Mobile Assistant to play music, book a dinner table, book movie tickets and apparently anything that you need your assistant to do. It is always there for the mobile user and you can make your commands 24 hours a day.

So,this was the list of best 5 virtual assistant apps for Android devices. If you know any other app that deserves to be in this list then share it with us via leaving a comment below.