Hey friends! Do you know that why we need antivirus for Mac? Though Macs are pretty cooler than PCs but are not safe at all. This is a world full of malware and digital viruses. Antivirus is needed so as to keep your Mac safe from the attacks by malicious software’s. Though, Mac computers have enjoyed a lot for their bulletproof reputation despite being in the world of viruses.

Best Antivirus for Mac

Now, the question arises that do you think that Macs require software for security? If we look at the forum on the Apple Store website, it clearly says NO which means users need no antivirus software for their Mac. But still we are here with top 5 best antivirus for Mac.

1. Intego Virus Barrier:

This antivirus for Mac is the best among all antiviruses. It provides protection to the Mac around-the-clock against all the malware activities which further target the Macs. This antivirus detects the Trojan horses, malware and viruses along with the other threats. It provides shield to the Mac with full security and safety.


· Real-time protection

· Automatic updates

· Automatic scans

· Protects against malware for both PC and Mac

· Clean and easy to use UI

· Even protects the iOS devices

2. Norton AntiVirus:

Norton Anti-Virus is the oldest of the entire antivirus. It is the most affordable of all the Symantec’s protection packages. This antivirus is not only ad-free but also has the most up-to-date interfaces along with user-friendly tools. Its setup wizard ensures that your Mac is free of any conflicting anti-virus programs and further advises to uninstall them.


· 24×7 security

· Threat-removal layer

· Automatic updates and scans

3. BitDefender Antivirus:

It continues to remain the most top performing antivirus and improves over time by automatically adjusting the Mac usage and performance. It does not take time in installation but it does take a little time during updates.


· Blazing fast performance

· Continuous protection

· Automatic updates and scans

· Anti-phishing protection

4. Kaspersky Anti-Virus:

This antivirus software features real-time protection along with Mac-style UI and without any impact on the Mac’s performance, it guard against all the threats. It brings along the most advanced security technology. It also features Safe Money banking protection tool. Despite the suite’s scans are not that fast but will definitely protect you. It is equipped with mobile app-drawer design with the overhauling UI.


· Advanced parental control

· Identity protection

· Internet protection

· 24×7 support

· Anti-malware protection

5. ESET Cybersecurity:

ESET Cybersecurity is an antivirus for Mac which makes ensure that your Mac is free of the malware threats and Trojan horses.


· It will make ensure that Mac windows are up-to-date or not.

· Perform full scan and will save it for future purpose.

· It has got stable design which delivers powerful usability.

· Eliminates spyware and viruses.

· Automatic scans

Despite, Antivirus field is being really huge still we are here with the top 5 best antivirus for Mac. They all are available on various online stores like Amazon, Flipkart and many others at a reasonable price. They all are worth a try and further they will help in giving the full security to your Macs.

Did we leave any important antivirus for Mac software which is worth being in top 5 Best Antivirus for Mac? Hope you liked the article. If you have tried anyone of them, please share your views with us via leaving a comment below.