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Rooting is the process that breaks down all the locks and permissions on the android device that was put on by the developers during its manufacturing. One of the major uses of rooting is to come over the limitations of the android device and improve its performance. The major drawback of this process is that once you start the rooting process, the warranty of your device gets void. But, it helps you significantly in improving the overall performance of your smart phone. Some of the major benefits of android rooting process are listed below. You should have a look over them.

Android Rooting

Benefits of Rooting Android Phone:

Here is the list of several benefits that are associated with rooting of your android device:

Install Irreconcilable Apps & Unbolt Hidden Elements:

Developers hide some of the essential features from the user. The rooting process helps you to break you these locks and use the features that were initially hidden by the developers. You can also run the applications that were incompatible before rooting.

Automate Everything:

You can automate your phone easily, after successful rooting. You are given the root access to change CPU speed, GPS, 3G toggle, and other useful settings that were initially not permitted by the developers. You can install the application named- Tasker and take its full advantage after the rooting process.

Improve Phone’s Speed & Battery Life:

Rooting is one of the best ways to speed up your phone and improve the battery life. After rooting there are several apps that can be installed to improve battery and CPU performance of your phone. These applications were denied access before the rooting process.

Block Irritating Ads on Any App:

After you have rooted your phone with success, you can even block the ads that were coming on your apps. These ads are irritating and may waste your time. It is better to block them after rooting. Install some of the apps and block these ads from running on your phone’s apps.

Phone Backup for Seamless Transitions:

You cannot backup just everything from your phone before the rooting process. There are chances that some of your important data is always at the risk from getting deleted after formatting. The rooting process allows you to backup all content from your mobile phone easily, after this process is carried successfully.

Remove Pre-Installed Crapware:

You are not allowed to remove any of the pre-installed app from the phone even if it is of no use. You can save some of your phone’s space by removing some of the useless pre-installed applications from your phone, after the rooting process. You can space good amount of space by removing useless apps.

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Flash the Custom Kernel:

Flashing the custom kernel is allowed after rooting process. Kernel is responsible to let the software communicate with hardware. Custom Kernel will help you out in improving the overall performance of your device. You can improve battery life, add on Wi-Fi to phone, and can perform many tasks after flashing custom Kernel.