Whatsapp being one of the best free cost solution for smartphone users so as to communicate around the globe. It is not only for any single OS but Android users as well as iOS users can easily use it. The advantage of Whatsapp is not limited to just SMS, but users can even share videos, voice messages with their friends.

Alternatives to Whatsapp

If your smartphone does not support Whatsapp then you need not worry. We have several alternatives to Whatsapp and here we will talk about the top 5 alternatives to Whatsapp. Let’s have a look:-

Google Hangouts:

Presently, Google Hangouts is being the top most instant messaging app. It offers the same features like any other IM app such as photo or video sharing. The reason it is consider as popular alternatives to Whatsapp is because of its video calling capability. It features simple, attractive UI which is easy to use. It provides a unified messaging service which makes it unique and favorable from other instant messaging apps. Google Hangouts allow users to continue the conversation from PC, android or iOS device. In simple words, it is perfect app to use for instant messaging.


Viber app is the yet another whatsapp alternative which is famous because of its amazing feature of Free Video calling. It ensures to provide each and every feature of instant messaging to its users. It is available for every user whether android or iOS or BlackBerry or Windows. At the time after its launch, it was expected to work best on 2G but unfortunately it works better on Wi-Fi and 3G.


Another popular alternative in this list of top 5 Alternatives to Whatsapp is Skype. Skype is popular because it provides a perfect platform for video calling. This app also holds the feature of instant messaging, as well. Currently, Skype is the most widely used app with almost about 600 million users. It features simple and attractive UI that is used very simply. Skype uses high bandwidth, and this is the reason behind, its blockage on several corporate networks.


Hike is an instant messaging app for users that are free of cost for the lifetime. Using this app, users can send messages to those as well who aren’t using free texts. This app allows users to take charge of their own privacy such as whom users want to show there last seen and whom not. Hike is available for all Windows Phone or BlackBerry or iOS or android users.


Line allows users to make voices calls of high quality as well as instant messaging service. It has received about 220 million users worldwide and also allow users to chat with 100 people at once. It has got standard set of sharing features which include files, your location info and many others.

We know that some people will disagree that Whatsapp is the most famous instant messaging app used by users. So yes, they are right. Presently, the widest used app by users is Skype for instant messaging. Skype does offer features that are lacking in Whatsapp such as video calling. It has same boring dull UI as well as lacks in audio/video calling, as well.

We hope that these alternatives to Whatsapp might have helped you out. Please do share your experiences with us about these apps.