Google announced Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version of this very popular mobile device OS. For a number of months, this release was just known as the Android L release. Surely, we will see a lot of device manufacturers upgrading their flagships and other devices to Android 5.0. The first ones that will be shipped with Android 5.0 will be Google’s own line of Nexus devices.

This new version will introduce many changes to the design and functionality of this amazing free OS. Let us take a look at five interesting things to look forward in Android 5.0:

1. Design: Material design is the term used for the newly introduced visual standards. It will be be responsive and visually pleasing. You will see some real lighting effects, bold graphics as well as shadows when you navigate between apps or even within an app. The developer community is slowly adapting to this new way of design and you will find visual enhancements being introduced as updates to your favorite apps are released.

2. Security: All the new devices will be encrypted so that the data on locked phones cannot be accessed by others. New security features such as the ability to pair your phone or tablet with smart watches will ensure that only you can access your phone’s data.

3. Multi User Mode: Finally, multi-user mode is here for phones and tablets. This feature would specially be useful in tablets that have multiple users. Phones are meant to be personal, but now with the ability to create guest modes and multiple accounts; you won’t have to worry about passing your phone to someone else.

4. Notifications: Till now, we did not have the option to turn off or pause notifications for all apps from a single place. Now you will have total control over them, so that you only receive notifications when you want to. You will be able to control applications that try to use your notification bar like an advertising billboard.

5. Battery Save Feature: Mobile devices users always have problems when it comes to battery life. Android 5.0 will introduce a new battery save feature, which when turned on— will allow you to extend the battery life up to 90 minutes. This will obviously happen by sacrificing background processes that are eating up your battery. But 90 minutes of extra battery in time of need can be a lifesaver.