The most popular game till date happens to be “Grand Theft Auto 5″ and we all have heard about it, even though we don’t play games that much. It smashed a couple of sales records like being the first entertainment product to gross 1 billion dollars within 24 hours. The game is huge and GTA V was recently released for the next generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and for PC. Another fact is that there is more than one GTA game. They were all previously released as the part of the series. Three of those awesome games are available for mobile.

So, if you are not a hardcore gamer but you want to check out these GTA games, then you can try the mobile versions. You do not need a console or a PC with great graphics to try the previous games in the GTA series. They are available as paid apps in the Play Store for Android and iTunes App Store for iPhones and iPads. It means that your tiny mobile phone or your slim tablet is able to run the previous generation of games.

Rockstar, the company behind GTA has made the games available for both Android and iOS. The three games are:

1. Grand Theft Auto III

This one happens to be the first GTA game presented with a first/third person view capability. With mind blowing graphics at the time, the game introduced the world to open world gameplay. For the mobile version, Rockstar has updated the graphics, and optimized the game to be played on touch screen devices. A select number of advanced Android and Apple devices are able to handle this heavy game.

Download Link: For Android | For Apple Devices   Cost: $4.99

2. Grand Theft Auto Vice City

With hours of game play, the second game for mobile devices supports touch screens as well as some handheld wireless game controllers. Vice city takes the GTA experience to the 80s and the type of vehicles that you ride will scream the classic era. The download size might be huge, but the missions and open world game play will provide you with endless entertainment.

Download Link: For Android | For Apple Devices   Cost: $4.99

3. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

In this version, you play the role of Carl Johnson and the city’s name is San Andreas. Optimized for mobiles, this one supports touch input as well as some wireless controllers. Graphics have been updated so they meet the high resolution screens and the visual experience is just stunning. If you have to pick one of these three, choose San Andreas as it is the latest one.

Download Link: For Android | For Apple Devices   Cost: $6.99

There’s also a bundle where you get all three games for $11.99. This offer seems to be available for Apple devices only.

Final Words

The old versions are great if you haven’t played the series before or if you’d like to refresh the good old memory and fun you had when you played years ago. They are still good, especially if you haven’t played them before and a lot more than what Candy Crush or Clash of Clans delivers in terms of entertainment. While downloading these games, remember that you need to download gigabytes of additional game files. So you don’t want to use your phone’s data connection for download. Just use your home’s internet connection.