Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life for most digital population. We start the morning with a review of the email, or social networking app news. We have come to see the users of Smartphone customers take pictures at their meals, chat during meetings or save any curiosity with Google. The job of marketing also requires executives the key information at hand to help them work in business and make better decisions.

Therefore I am sharing the 10 Android apps that seem indispensable to the daily work of a professional.

1. SwiftKey


There are few tasks that are performed with a Smartphone that do not involve the keyboard, my favorite application to resolve this issue is SwiftKey, a program that learns how you write, gathers information from your Gmail, twitter and RSS feeds. There are free and paid versions, I personally think it is worth investing the money.

2. TripIt


For the frequent traveler, TripIt is a marvel. The app is an accessory of your web service to organize airline reservations, hotel, tourist routes and expense tracking. The difference between the free version and professional is the immediate alert flight changes and notification of boarding gates. What is special about the service is that checks your inbox and automatically organizes all travel within the application.

3. Any.DO


For those who know me Any.Do no secret that is my favorite application for managing tasks. Your site presumed to have exceeded one million users a while and no doubt. This little wonder can create tasks from missed, forgotten appointments or websites. The latest incarnation is able to create tasks using just a microphone of your Android.

4. Go Backup & Restore

Go Backup RestoreFree

Although I prefer Titanium Backup to backup work I fully understand that most do not have your phone “rooteado”. That’s why Go Backup & Restore is a good alternative, keeps a backup of your contacts, call history, applications and preferences. The free version is simple but covers the basics, for users who want more control over your backups there professional version supports Google Drive, Dropbox and can schedule backups.

5. Aviate


For fans of personalization there Aviate context. This app alters your home screen depending on location and time that you are. That is, a home page for the house, one for the office and even in a restaurant. You need to download the application and apply to be accepted as a Beta user, the wait is worth it. Initially used is complicated, I admit that over time I got addicted to the system.

6. Themer Beta

Themer Beta

This is a best option for those who like to have a single phone. Themer allows radically change the design of your gadget, icons, marker and alerts are changed from a library of designs. The user can choose what fits your tastes and with a single click change the look and feel. Personally I found it confusing, but I understand that many people like that special touch.

7. BBM


With over 10 million downloads in its first week BlackBerry Messenger promise competes for their place in the messaging market. Personally I prefer WhatsApp for being faster, include reading confirmation and much more private. The user does not have to give your phone number to accept friends.

8. Tasker


The epitome of automation. All you want to do is possible with Tasker automatically (or almost all). From the location of the mobile phone you can send SMS, or create an event, such as remembering the location of your car in a parking lot or tell you’ve left school or office and you way home.

9. Cloud Print

Cloud Print

This small application allows you to print documents directly from your Android phone to any printer connected to Google Cloud Print. I have taken more of a problem, you need to have a printer connected to Google Print service, but not an impossible task and the benefits are felt when you have to print something you sent to your phone and you do not bring your laptop.

10. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security

The Norton Mobile Security with Antivirus promises to protect your Android against theft, loss, malware and viruses. Among its benefits is the ability to block an SMS, and even locate the phone off the camera remotely. The only challenge is to decide what level of service is sought, the subscription requires the user premium subscription $ 29.99 per year.